Who exactly is Luster Entertainment?


Luster Entertainment is an independent record label that was formed in 2017 by Melvin & Natashia Luster. Our main goal is to work with independent unsigned artists of all genres. We help these artists build up there fan base through promotions, marketing, and genuine exposure. Our Facebook fan page boast a following of over 38,000 followers world wide. This gives us a reach of over 23 million potential fans, and is an awesome starting point for any up and coming artists.





We offer short term paid ad promotions on our Facebook fan page. All videos/music must meet Facebook Ad guidelines.

We offer: $60 ads for 3 days. $100 ads for 5 days.


How It Works

It’s really quite simple.

First, the artists must talk with a representative from Luster Entertainment via messenger or email. During that conversation the artists must layout for Luster Entertainment what he or she hopes to get out of running there ad on our Luster Entertainment fan page. **Note (Luster Entertainment has the right to refuse service)

Next, the ad the artist wants ran on our fan page must be submitted through email to Luster Entertainment. 

Last of all, a payment in the amount the artist is requesting must be made through cash app, and the artist will be notified when the ad starts.

These are the options an artists has for an ad:

  • Music**
  • A video**
  • A photo**
  • A link**
  • A page**


For more information on buying a promotional ad on our fan page. Fill out the information below and someone will get back in touch with you: